10 Tips to chill out after exams, INTROVERT STYLE!

10 Tips to chill out after exams, INTROVERT STYLE!

It seems like the society exclusively associates chilling out and fun with the extravagant parties and outings and social gatherings. But for some of us out there, those things drain more energy out of us than real work. We just like to chill out in different ways. So here’s it to those people…10 ways you can chill out after exams without being siphoned into another party:

1.    Learn something

It could be anything, really. The internet has given us the freedom to learn any subject or skill we wish to. So if you have that unquenchable thirst for knowledge, maybe go sign up for a free Coursera or EdX course? Or perhaps learn that one language or skill you’ve always wanted to?

Go ahead, indulge!


2. Catch up on your favorite shows/YouTubers

Exams can take a toll on other ‘important’ things in life, no? They make you miss many episodes of your favorite shows or (depending on your preference) several uploads of your favorite YouTubers. Who knows what they’ve been up to, right? So, what are you waiting for? This is the moment! Go watch!



3. Start ticking off items off your ‘to read’ and ‘to watch’ lists.

Everyone has those lists. You’ve about 20 books you want to read and equal number of movies that you never had the chance to watch. So gear up for a movie marathon and hit the book shop cuz we are going to use up this wonderfully stress-free time in binge-watching those flicks and getting lost in the la la land of those reads!


4. Explore the city on your own

I find there is something novel about going out to explore places on your own. No worries about caring for anyone else’s toilet/food breaks (or occasional meltdowns after walking like 5 kilometers with no idea of your whereabouts). This break is a good time to go out and explore your city (and have whatever delicacies you wish) without worrying about the blazing sun glaring from above.


5. Chase your hobbies

You’d be lying if you claim you have no hobbies. Everyone has hobbies. Even if it’s listening to 80s rock. And let’s be honest here, no one gets to really spend time with their hobbies when the semester is on… what with those gazillion assignments and presentations. This is the time to reunite with the many loves of your life and spend some quality time!


6. Create something

There is something gratifying about creating something with your own hands. Maybe watch a DIY video on YouTube or just sit down with a lot of scraps and build stuff out of those. Get creating and feel yourself glow from inside. Go ahead, try it out. You won’t regret, promise.


7. Travel

If you’ve got a river for a soul and are one of the people infected by wanderlust, what better time than this to go traveling? Go pack your bags! We are leaving for nowhere tomorrow!


8. Make memories/spend time with family

Ah, the family and friends…spending time with family is like opening a bag of Bertie-Bott’s every flavor beans. Unexpected flavors and full of fun! Isn’t this a nice time to catch up with all the people who were pushed aside during the semester? Especially those closest to you. 🙂


9. Get fit

No one, and I mean, no one can manage both junk food cravings and time. (If you can then you’re not human. Sorry not sorry). So now that you have a seemingly infinite amount of time, why not manage the former and get fit? Maybe even join a gym to get that booty back in shape, huh? 😉

10. Get to know your subject

Everything seems about a million times more interesting when the images of an angry professor and multiple red marks aren’t clouding your brain. This might seem a little crazy but hear me out. Try exploring your subject as if it was something general you were reading up. No pressure to remember information. No pressure to practice questions or anything, just plain old lazy Wikipedia scrolls. Think you can manage? This will not only make you see your subject in a new light but also give you a little head start over others!

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