Never Let Failure Mark You as a Shadow on the Wall

Never Let Failure Mark You as a Shadow on the Wall

When a person fails, forgive—especially if that person is you.

We can always think of ourselves as people capable of doing something. Of something that we
believe can makes ourselves think that we are not lesser individuals. We help ourselves in achieving
goals through pursuing, working every day to accomplish things.

But, somehow along that process, things just seem to be abrupt.

We suddenly wake up from the dreams that we once have—and suddenly, as we take every
step, there seems to be a pebble in our shoe. We trip over as we try to reach the end of the road.

And don’t you agree that it makes us feel confused?

You therefore start to question. Questions about how good you are, questions about how good
you must be; so that, as those pebbles trip you up, no one will mistake you as a shadow on the wall.

Doesn’t it confuse you as to why people look at you at that range of blackness, despite the fact
that you were hoping that they can see the light that you are shedding?

One thing we can say here is: it’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault that you were born in a world where failures happen. It’s not your fault that
you have come to a point that you cannot accomplish things that they are asking you to do. It’s not your
fault that you still try to be kind no matter how horrible they treat you.

It’s okay to be afraid, for it is the threshold if courage will color through your life. It’s that same
amount of color that will say: that is you. In a more personalized sense, this is me.

To our dear reader, let your kindness shine.

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