Month: September 2018

10 Tips to chill out after exams, INTROVERT STYLE!

10 Tips to chill out after exams, INTROVERT STYLE!

It seems like the society exclusively associates chilling out and fun with the extravagant parties and outings and social gatherings. But for some of us out there, those things drain more energy out of us than real work. We just like to chill out in…

Book Review: Witch Light, Susan Fletcher

Book Review: Witch Light, Susan Fletcher

Once in a while, you come across a book that transports you into an entirely different universe. The words challenge you to let go of the reality and become one with the protagonist, feeling their sorrow, their joy, their loss, and their love.   Witch…

Never Let Failure Mark You as a Shadow on the Wall

Never Let Failure Mark You as a Shadow on the Wall

When a person fails, forgive—especially if that person is you.

We can always think of ourselves as people capable of doing something. Of something that we
believe can makes ourselves think that we are not lesser individuals. We help ourselves in achieving
goals through pursuing, working every day to accomplish things.

But, somehow along that process, things just seem to be abrupt.

We suddenly wake up from the dreams that we once have—and suddenly, as we take every
step, there seems to be a pebble in our shoe. We trip over as we try to reach the end of the road.

And don’t you agree that it makes us feel confused?

You therefore start to question. Questions about how good you are, questions about how good
you must be; so that, as those pebbles trip you up, no one will mistake you as a shadow on the wall.

Doesn’t it confuse you as to why people look at you at that range of blackness, despite the fact
that you were hoping that they can see the light that you are shedding?

One thing we can say here is: it’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault that you were born in a world where failures happen. It’s not your fault that
you have come to a point that you cannot accomplish things that they are asking you to do. It’s not your
fault that you still try to be kind no matter how horrible they treat you.

It’s okay to be afraid, for it is the threshold if courage will color through your life. It’s that same
amount of color that will say: that is you. In a more personalized sense, this is me.

To our dear reader, let your kindness shine.

5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

Corporates give the taste of some interesting experiences right from the culture to the bosses and the overall environment. This article is regarding the steps that will help you to gel up with your bosses and gain some extra brownie points from him/her. Be it a good…

Insurance: The taboo word for many

Insurance: The taboo word for many

Often, we cringe about certain words that we dislike. It feels like pans and saucers come flying and go straight to the floor, clanging like it is Chinese New Year! This is the social phenomenon whenever we talk about insurance to the public. “Insurance is…

Will automation decrease the job opportunities for people?

Will automation decrease the job opportunities for people?

We are living in the times where the soda you drank on that particularly hot afternoon was never touched by human hands from it’s manufacturing to packaging and that canned food sitting in your kitchen shelf was all cooked, pasteurized and canned by an automated assembly line with nonexistent human involvement. It’s not uncommon to observe that what once was a task for hundreds of people is being done by an automated robot. What was once an opportunity for hundreds of people to earn money has been replaced by machinery. But is this all that has been happening or is there more than meets the eye?

With more and more industries opting for automated manufacturing process thanks to more efficiency and precision over manual labor, one can argue that soon there will be no job opportunities for humans anymore and robotics will take over. According to World Economic Forum (WEF), over 75 million jobs will be displaced over the decade globally thanks to automation replacing manual labor.

With the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), not only low-skill repetitive jobs are on risk but even those which require moderate skill and some degree of dynamicity. This is especially true in industries like manufacturing, transportation, wholesale and retail, with the biggest impact on workers with the only minimal level of education. While industries like education and medical are least threatened due to a high proportion of tasks not easy to be automated.

But if we look it at from a broader perspective, hasn’t this happened already? A phenomenon called the Industrial Revolution that occurred in the 1760s. The transition to new manufacturing processes from hand production methods to machines, which resulted in the formation of the world as we know it today. It increased the standard of living of the general population consistently for the first time in history. The intelligence of the human mind was giving more value than their mindless laboring as any other animal.

Isn’t it safe to state that same will happen again? If we have to learn from the history of inventions, a breakthrough in technology can create twice as many job opportunities as it really eliminates. If we take the current scenario into consideration, the rise of the robot economy. As long as we spread the potential gains from this across the society and no one is left behind, this will create more opportunities for people in the robotics and automation industry than it destroys in low-skill jobs.

As long as we as an Individual, Government or Industry take advantage of the situation, we will certainly be able to create a new future of good work for all.

Jon Andrews, the head of technology and investments at PwC, said:

“There’s no doubt that AI and robotics will rebalance what jobs look like in the future, and that some are more susceptible than others.

What’s important is making sure that the potential gains from automation are shared more widely across society and no one gets left behind. Responsible employers need to ensure they encourage flexibility and adaptability in their people so we are all ready for the change.

In the future, knowledge will be a commodity so we need to shift our thinking on how we skill and upskill future generations. Creative and critical thinking will be highly valued, as will emotional intelligence.”



You may have seen one or the other adventurous character suddenly appear in a “parallel universe” by some strange magical or extremely high tech “portal”. You might’ve wondered about it at some point. What exactly is a parallel universe? How are they supposed to exist?…

Planning for a job switch?

Planning for a job switch?

The growth in the private sectors is leading to an overall development giving employment opportunities to people. And each day the employees run towards new targets and further aims to increase their productivity and aspires for a hike or promotion. 0

Waakye, a dish from Ghana

Waakye, a dish from Ghana

What is the best way to wake up, you ask? It’s waking up to the aroma of Waakye, leaving the taste buds wanting to savor it. That’s how it is in Ghana, the aroma of rice and beans from Waakye acting as an alarm clock.

Anyone can enjoy this authentic Ghanian experience at their homes with this simple recipe:


  • 4 Cups of black-eyed beans
  • 2 Cups of rice
  • Dried Red Millet Leaves (Also known as Waakye leaves in Ghana)
  • Salt for taste (2 tablespoon of salt is optimal)

  NOTE: If you don’t have access to Waakye leaves, you can use 2 tablespoons of baking soda and recipe will come out just fine!



  • Soak black-eyed beans in water for approximately 24 hours before cooking.



  1.  Add 5 cups of water to your cooking pot.
  2.  Add soaked black-eyed beans.
  3.  Add dried red millet leaves.
  4.  Add a tablespoon of salt. (Skip this step if you are using baking soda instead of millet leaves.)
  5.  Boil the ingredients for 45 minutes to an hour.
  6.  Once the beans are soft and mushy, add the rice to it follow by a table spoon of salt.
  7.  Give it a generous stir and cover the lid.
  8.  Allow the rice and beans to cook for 20 more minutes and stir again.
  9.  Repeat stirring every 15 minutes until rice gets cooked.
  10.  Serve hot with your choice of toppings.

PROTIP: An easy way to determine if your Waakye is cooked properly is to check the texture and color of rice. The color of Waakye will depend on the number of red millet leaves used.


What makes Waakye the best dish is that you can customize it as per your choice using a wide range of toppings.  “Shito” a ranging spicy stew, normally is a must on the waakye. Boiled spaghetti can be added to this meal, the well-chopped salad of ‘gari’, also known as cassava flakes all can be added to this meal to enhance its taste. Fried fish, meat, chicken, sausage and boiled egg are also preferred choices in addition.

With this recipe, you can satisfy your taste buds with this fine meal that drives the country every morning.