5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

Corporates give the taste of some interesting experiences right from the culture to the bosses and the overall environment. This article is regarding the steps that will help you to gel up with your bosses and gain some extra brownie points from him/her. Be it a good boss or a bad one, this step guide will help you bridge the bond and impress them.

Let’s jump to the secret steps:


1. Talk, talk… and talk, that’s the golden rule!

You are fond of football matches and you never know that even your boss might be interested in the same. You can start the conversation with a football team, some match, or maybe about some online game. The topic could be even about the latest trending track pants or the denim you got last weekend or a place you visited last year. This will make the conversation between you and your boss better and eventually, this will work in your favor.


2. Remember to greet well.

When I joined a corporate firm, I used to make sure to greet my manager by saying, ‘Good Morning.’ This really worked for me and eventually, my presence was felt around her. And this also is a good way to start a conversation. While going home, you can always wave her a bye and ask him/her as to when are they planning to leave, this usually gives a message of concern.


3. Breakfast and lunch

Go for breakfasts and lunches along with your team, your boss will be there for sure, this will help you understand them well and you might end up creating a great bond there. Also, don’t forget to offer them when you are eating, this shows how sweet and friendly you are. Try to start with some topic while eating, this might be the best chance for you to discuss things with them.


4. Keep your boss in CC for the smallest thing on earth!

If you pitching an idea or you sharing something related to work on email with someone, don’t forget to keep your boss in cc, this will make them understand how much work you have done and they will have a record of it.


5. Take a few initiatives

Take up few tasks by yourself, look out for change and make sure you put enough efforts in order to make it happen. Look out for some projects wherein you can fit in and tell them that you can do it. This will surely bring you to the limelight and help in building trust. Your boss will eventually start relying on you and you will get a signal that you are performing well, as you get appreciated for sure. But don’t overdo it as it may start working against you!


Stay tuned for more tips for job and businesses and feel free to comment on your concerns below.


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