9 Reasons why people think of switching their jobs!

9 Reasons why people think of switching their jobs!

In an era where our needs are increasing each day and the salaries aren’t enough to suffice, how often do you think that you need to switch your job? And how often do you let that thought go off considering the career graph?

I am sure most of us go through those thoughts often when we are either frustrated about our salaries we are getting or because of the boss! After doing some research and survey on this, I realized there are quite some legit reasons that are usually ignored because of which the switch happens. I have listed the most relevant ones below:

#1 Bullying

Well, don’t be surprised but people do get bullied at their workplaces when they are new to their office. As per my survey, co-workers pass comments and spread weird rumors around the new joiners. It’s sad that when such employees contact HR for these issues, they are instead blamed for not getting adjusted around the new environment. At few places, employees even end up beating their co-workers but they cover up their act by saying that they were kidding.

#2 Lack of appreciation

Managers often don’t appreciate their team members at the right time and are more inclined towards nitpicking. These managers also end up stealing away the credits for the work done by their employees and get insecure by looking at their progressive employees.

#3 Salary

Well, we all face this problem, don’t we? The problem with most of the organizations is that they don’t give increments to the deserving employees. Even when the employee has performed really well throughout his/her projects, these managers often tend to ignore their growth. The kind of motivation the employees need, managers often forget that. Few small scale organizations delay the salaries, there are cases where employees get their salaries a month later.

#4 Lack of training

The boss will expect the best out of you without teaching you anything! Now that’s a trap when the managers themselves aren’t investing into you. Most of the managers prefer getting the employees onboard and asking them to function as a pro since their day two. Training is not just required in the initial years but the managers can take an initiative to train their employees as and when needed (while starting a new project).

#5 Stubborn Boss

I am sure you must have come across with a sadist and stubborn boss who can never see you happy. This category usually enjoys over the failure of its employees and becomes the Hitler of the organization. With more than five years of experience of being stubborn, these bosses even end up commenting on the way their employees work. They are usually not open to change and prefer not giving any good opportunities to their employees for their growth.

#6 Extra unpaid working hours

I have heard from a few of my friends that they have to stay up two to three hours extra every day which is draining for them. While these organizations don’t pay for the extra hours but employees have to still stay up till late at their offices because of the pressure from the managers. Also, the policy of ‘fixed timings’ in an organization could be stressful for the employees, especially when the in-time is fixed but the out-time is beyond the expected out-time.

#7 Unrealistic targets

A lot of times, managers set unrealistic goals in front of their managers and due to which the executives have to suffer the pain. These managers create a stressful situation in the team and expect the results to be favorable and coming on time.

#8 Dirty politics

A lot of executives often gang up against an employee in a firm and target him/her on everything. This breaks down the morale of the employee and he/she gets depressed. Usually, the HR team doesn’t come to know about what’s cooking in the teams across the organizations and even the employee is not much comfortable about voicing his/her opinion.

#9 Monotonous work

The daily tasks usually have the same pattern and employees don’t get a chance to learn new things. Isn’t it boring to wake up to the same work pattern every day? Well, I feel you!

Let us know what do you think about this!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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