Joshua Ovalles’ take on fight against COVID-19, Social Distancing in Miami and work life amidst the chaos

Joshua Ovalles’ take on fight against COVID-19, Social Distancing in Miami and work life amidst the chaos

Joshua Ovalles, a writer, and poet at Vorfreude Community, a Security Supervisor in Miami has an interesting side to his life. Being a 22-year old, he still manages to work amidst the COVID-19 chaos going around the world. He makes sure that the floors are sanitized at the college in Miami and handles a team of officers. When most of us are working from home and everything has been shut down due to the deadly virus but he along with few other officers manage to work. When asked about how scared he is of getting affected by COVID-19, he said, “I am not scared, I just assume we will get sick. I am just afraid for my dad as he is 64 years old. I am worried about the people who are older than us.”


With more than 1,100 COVID-19 cases in Florida, people like Joshua are still working for our safety, he is saving Miami directly but indirectly saving the rest of the world! When asked about what keeps him motivated, he jokingly said, “My heart is beating and that’s more than enough.” He makes sure to wash his hands more often and he carries 70% alcohol with him to get away from the virus. He advises quitting smoking as it affects the lungs and COVID-19 gets an easy host that way. He says, “I think if people stopped smoking cigarettes they could save themselves a lot of unnecessary trouble with COVID-19.” He further advises to stretch and do deep breathing that will help to calm down the anxiety around the current scenario. 


The current scenario in Miami and Social Distancing


While talking about Miami, he said that everything is shut but UberEats is still working and people can pick up food from restaurants. There are issues with regards to the toilet rolls and hand sanitizers as there is a shortage. A lot of countries have adopted Social Distancing, as that has been the only effective choice left apart from experimenting with drugs.


According to Joshua, Social Distancing is effective and not so effective at the same time. He says, “It is an effective way to try and not get sick but society is built on being a community! Even when we are far from each other, we end up surrounding ourselves with people anyway. I shook my hands with my dad the other day and I felt guilty afterwards. This thing (COVID-19) is something that could be breathed in.”  He further added, “We have 1000 cases and that’s the count of the people who have gotten tested (what about others?). I am almost sure the world will likely get this. It will be harder to say who doesn’t have COVID-19. So, yes and no. Also, for many, it is difficult to implement social distancing.”


But he still has a positive instinct as he thinks people will recover and we will sail through this! He says, “Sadly the disease has got out of our individuals’ hands but we have got to wash our hands and keep them clean to prevent something that wants to get us. We have to take care of the ones who have come to existence before us (old people).” 

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