Mr. Nikhil Kalla on India, South Africa, and the virtue of generosity

Mr. Nikhil Kalla on India, South Africa, and the virtue of generosity

Mr. Nikhil Kalla, an accountant at a South African based company made his recent trip to his hometown in India. In a brief discussion with him about his experience, he highlighted how his roots here in India matter and the family oriented culture keeps calling him. 

Mr. Kalla started out his journey in Jodhpur, Rajasthan with all the odds and peer pressure. “Being a teenager, it was at times confusing looking at the orthodox and less open mindset of the society,” he said remembering his days in his hometown. He further added, “I was lucky enough to have  parents by my side who were very open to change and encouraged me to keep on experimenting and think out of the box. But they also made sure that I stay grounded.” 

While many tend to ignore the underprivileged and beggars on the street repeatedly asking for money. Mr. Kalla believes in giving, even if it’s a rupee, it’s a daily ritual for him as he never says ‘no’ to them.

“The fact that there is still positivity, generosity and goodness in the air is what motivates everyone, I believe in that and surely you will, when you do!” he said while smiling. He further added, “Your coin might turn out to be lucky for them, you never know!”

He then talked about the development in South Africa and how drastically there’s a revolution coming with respect to raw material supply, supply chain management and overall shape of the businesses. He thinks India and South Africa are equally strong as the markets and there’s yet more to be explored! In his short trip to India he made sure to educate people around him about the precautions for COVID-19. According to him the situation is not yet bad in South Africa and people are effectively taking precautions to fight back the virus. 

There’s a little casual behavior towards the pandemic in India as per his observation. But he is still amazed with the energy and positivity around fighting the virus being together but while maintaining the distance.


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