NEM Ventures Launches NEM Ignite virtual Incubator Programme for mentoring early-stage startups

NEM Ventures Launches  NEM Ignite virtual Incubator Programme for mentoring early-stage startups

Last week, the team at NEM Ventures, the venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem launched Ignite virtual incubator program that provides financial support and mentoring for early-stage blockchain startups. The programme aims at preparing the blockchain startups for investment rounds, business planning, and market entry.

NEM Ventures focuses on these blockchain projects that can generate some income in the medium term, and show a considerate amount of development in the blockchain ecosystem.

Dave Hodgson, CIO of NEM Group and MD of NEM Ventures, said, “With the launch of Symbol by NEM imminent, we are looking to expand our strong ecosystem with diverse projects that contribute to the growth of the blockchain space as a whole. The programme was developed to give early stage projects the tools and support they need to bring their vision and product to market. Backed by the NEM ecosystem and leadership team, incubatees will learn hard and soft skills from our mentors first-hand.”

How will Ignite help blockchain startups

This programme will provide mentoring and help in project development by covering topics such as financial projections, fundraising 101, soft skills, pitching, design, business development, and marketing. Participants, industry partners and professionals will get a chance to establish connections. The groups that are ready with their blockchain projects and are looking forward to professional support from the NEM ecosystem can apply.

Participants need to prepare a pitch video that explains their product and vision, business model canvas and pitch deck. Applicants will have to give details about the funding received, awarded or won as well as a prototype of user interface (UIs) if appropriate. An explanation on how NEM fits into their business solution will also be required. To know more about the application criteria, click here.  


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