Planning for a job switch?

Planning for a job switch?

The growth in the private sectors is leading to an overall development giving employment opportunities to people. And each day the employees run towards new targets and further aims to increase their productivity and aspires for a hike or promotion. The private sectors, in turn, are keeping up their businesses par with their competitors and are releasing new products and services in the market and making the best out of the efforts made by their team. The team here implies ‘employees’ and interestingly, the team is ready for the requests coming on fire in their respective corporates as productivity is what really matters. Productivity is directly proportional to the variable amount.

Since how long have you been complaining about the work environment? Are you happy with your boss? How is your job treating you? I might sound like your best buddy and I promise by the end of this write-up, I will surely turn out as your best buddy. The reason you being fed up with the place where you are working is not the place to be blamed! Well, you went for the interview and you got selected, it was in your hands to accept the offer or reject it. Well, these days, the culture has changed and so is the working styles of the HR. The job description might look like the best one but never miss out on what’s hidden between those lines. I am sure you were promised to work on something that you like but you are working on something you don’t, strange, isn’t it? You are still wondering if you could jump to something else and choose another job. Let me help you out with this state of dilemma.

The moment you go to a doctor and he diagnoses the disease, you are asked to follow a prescription. And if followed rightly, your problem is solved but if you avoid the symptoms and ignore the treatment, you end up going weaker. I think by now you must have a slight hint of what I am talking about. The kind of job satisfaction you are looking out for is not really working out at the place you are, and if it’s not happening today, it won’t change in six months. It’s not with people who want you to do such tasks, it’s with the nature of the business.

Let me ask you, what category do you fall into? :

  1. The one who has dreamt of a startup but needs some experience before launching
  2. The one who wants to switch and do a job which is good enough
  3. You have a thorough experience in your field, you have your goals set and you want to launch your startup but you are scared
  4. The one who just needs the salary at the end of the month

If you fall into the first category, choose your current job wisely, because whatever you plan to pursue as a business, will get affected by the job choices you make today! It’s always advisable to choose a job that works along the lines of the idea of your business. This will give you an experience in the right direction and you will be prepared for the loopholes of such a business since day 1.

If you fall under the second one, well, then let me tell you, it’s time that you switch! The place that doesn’t let you grow won’t help you in any way, just marking the duration of so and so years of experience in your cv, is not going to help you in any way. It’s advisable to take few leaves or if your boss is not much happy with the idea of leaves, go for sick leaves and start giving interviews at different places and choose something wisely after reading the entire job description and make sure you ask the silliest doubts to the HR. A lot of people are scared of switching jobs because of the fear of sitting at home and getting rejected at other places. Let me tell you, if you got selected here ( where currently you are working), you will surely get selected at the similar one or better than this. The questions at interview rounds won’t change and don’t forget that you are more confident at interviews this time as you are already experienced. And if you are still wondering how are you supposed to pitch this plan of job switch to your parents then re-read the above paragraphs!

If you fall into the third category, you need to be in my place and write this paragraph then! Well, you have got everything, I know finance is something that creates trouble but a lot of investors are ready to help you if your idea is brilliant and you are ready to work for it. And if your idea doesn’t need that much of investment but time, then go for it and don’t waste a single minute and rush to your laptop and attack! Remember one thing that it takes time to build something which could be of a great value. So, be patient and let the work do the talking. Also, it’s always good to read about what the similar businesses are doing, that helps in understanding few facts and gets the work done easier.

And if you fall under the fourth one, ideally, you shouldn’t be complaining about the job but if you are seeking for an increment and you don’t see any signs for the same then it’s time for you to choose another job because waiting for something which is never going to happen won’t help you but only will push you to denial state.

I think we are already buddies now.

Keep up with the good work and don’t let anything stop you from choosing what you like, Adios!


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