Waakye, a dish from Ghana

Waakye, a dish from Ghana

What is the best way to wake up, you ask? It’s waking up to the aroma of Waakye, leaving the taste buds wanting to savor it. That’s how it is in Ghana, the aroma of rice and beans from Waakye acting as an alarm clock.

Anyone can enjoy this authentic Ghanian experience at their homes with this simple recipe:


  • 4 Cups of black-eyed beans
  • 2 Cups of rice
  • Dried Red Millet Leaves (Also known as Waakye leaves in Ghana)
  • Salt for taste (2 tablespoon of salt is optimal)

  NOTE: If you don’t have access to Waakye leaves, you can use 2 tablespoons of baking soda and recipe will come out just fine!



  • Soak black-eyed beans in water for approximately 24 hours before cooking.



  1.  Add 5 cups of water to your cooking pot.
  2.  Add soaked black-eyed beans.
  3.  Add dried red millet leaves.
  4.  Add a tablespoon of salt. (Skip this step if you are using baking soda instead of millet leaves.)
  5.  Boil the ingredients for 45 minutes to an hour.
  6.  Once the beans are soft and mushy, add the rice to it follow by a table spoon of salt.
  7.  Give it a generous stir and cover the lid.
  8.  Allow the rice and beans to cook for 20 more minutes and stir again.
  9.  Repeat stirring every 15 minutes until rice gets cooked.
  10.  Serve hot with your choice of toppings.

PROTIP: An easy way to determine if your Waakye is cooked properly is to check the texture and color of rice. The color of Waakye will depend on the number of red millet leaves used.


What makes Waakye the best dish is that you can customize it as per your choice using a wide range of toppings.  “Shito” a ranging spicy stew, normally is a must on the waakye. Boiled spaghetti can be added to this meal, the well-chopped salad of ‘gari’, also known as cassava flakes all can be added to this meal to enhance its taste. Fried fish, meat, chicken, sausage and boiled egg are also preferred choices in addition.

With this recipe, you can satisfy your taste buds with this fine meal that drives the country every morning.

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